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A webapp for monitoring GPU machines, written in Vue.js and Flask2 min read

Server Dashboard

A webapp for monitoring GPU machines. The app aggregates the output from gpustat across all machines and displays them on a single page.
The frontend is written in Vue.js (+ Vuetify) and backend is written in Flask.


The backend uses paramiko to connect to the servers via ssh in order to query the information.
Each server is queried once per minute (can be changed).
Multithreading is used to send out the requests to avoid long waiting times.


Install Node.js and npm (example given for Ubuntu):

sudo apt install nodejs

sudo apt install npm

Clone the repository:

git clone

cd into the frontend directory:

cd server-dashboard/frontend

Install node packages:

npm install

cd into the backend directory:

cd ../backend

Install python packages:

pip install -r requirements.txt


Add your server addresses to server-dashboard/backend/config/servers.yaml:

active: true
active: true

gpustat needs to be installed on every server you add to the list.

Add your credentials to server-dashboard/backend/config/config.yaml:

username: username-for-servers
path_to_ssh_key: /home/username-local-machine/.ssh/id_rsa
path_to_server_config: config/servers.yaml
process_timeout: 10
port: 5000

The username will be used for the ssh requests and path_to_ssh_key is the path to the corresponding ssh key. If you currently use a password to login to the servers, you have to generate a ssh key pair and copy your public key to the servers (see here for more instructions).
Don’t use ~ for path_to_ssh_key, write out the full path.
process_timeout is the time in seconds to wait for a server to respond and port is the port for the Flask app. You don’t have to change these.


After installing and configurating the app, you can start it as follows:

cd into the server-dashboard directory:

cd server-dashboard

Run the script:


The app should be available at: http://localhost:8080/


I have been using the app for a while now and it is working well for me but it has not been extensively tested. If you encounter any problems while setting the app up, don’t hesitate to open an issue!


I used this awesome tutorial by The Net Ninja to learn Vuetify.
gpustat is used to obtain the GPU information from each separate machine.


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