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Introducing Multitenancy to Flatlogic Applications3 min read

We’re excited to introduce Multitenancy support to Flatlogic Applications! The ability to host multiple clients/organizations/clients within a single application instance, each with guaranteed privacy and security, is a major milestone with this enhancement. 

A tenant, in the context of software applications, refers to a group of users who share common access with specific privileges to the software instance. It is like an apartment in a building, the building is the software, and each apartment is a tenant space that houses its own residents (users). In a multitenancy architecture, multiple tenants (like multiple apartments) are housed in the same application (building), but each tenant’s data and configuration are isolated and invisible to other tenants.

For example, if you’re providing a SaaS (Software as a Service) application for project management, each company subscribing to your service would be a separate tenant (organization) within your application. Each company (tenant) would have its own projects, employees (users), and data stored within the application, and they wouldn’t be able to see or access each other’s information, even though they’re using the same software instance.

Highlights of the update include:

Multi-tenancy support: a key feature that allows you as a Super Admin of the software to manage multiple tenants (organizations) within a single application instance. Super Admins can share global access, i.e. they can have an Assistant, but the organization’s Admin also holds all rights within a particular tenant (organization). This capability enables you to serve multiple customers or user groups (tenants/organizations) from a single application deployment, while still providing each tenant with a secure, isolated environment. As a super admin, you can efficiently allocate resources, configure tenant-specific settings, monitor usage and performance across all tenants, and implement updates or changes globally or per tenant. This approach significantly reduces operational costs and complexity, enhances scalability, and simplifies the overall management of the application. 

Learn more about creating and working with multitenancy applications:

Tenant identification and isolation: Improved privacy and security mechanisms.Scalability: Easily accommodate more tenants without compromising performance.Database Schema Update: Adjustments made to support tenant-specific data better.API Enhancements: Introduced new API endpoints and modified existing ones for improved tenant operations.Bug Fixes: Resolved critical issues affecting application stability and user experience, including fixes for data processing crashes, login issues, and UI overlap on smaller screens.

If you face any difficulties, please message us on our forum, Twitter, or Facebook. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible!

About Flatlogic

Flatlogic is a software development company specializing in creating custom business software and offering a range of web and mobile app templates. Our standout product, the Flatlogic Generator, is an AI-powered tool that converts text and UI descriptions into web applications, providing a robust alternative to low-code/no-code solutions with benefits like full code ownership and enhanced customization. This tool is primarily used for building complex systems such as ERP, CRM, CMS, and admin panels. Beyond the generator, we offer services in customization and system integration, making our offerings particularly valuable for enterprises looking to develop comprehensive business applications and data management systems without compromising on scalability or deployability.

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