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Flatlogic Generator on AppSumo Now!1 min read

We are excited to announce the launch of our innovative Flatlogic Generator on AppSumo. At Appsumo, we offer you more than a 90% discount for four different tiers. These tiers cater to different user needs and app development scales.

Product Tiers and Access:

Tier 1: Allows creation of 2 appsTier 2: Allows creation of 10 appsTier 3: Allows creation of 40 appsTier 4: Provides unlimited app creation

Upon purchasing any tier on AppSumo, users will be prompted to activate their product through their AppSumo account. Activation seamlessly integrates with the Flatlogic platform where the product is immediately appended to the user’s purchases and subscriptions. This process ensures that the number of apps users can create aligns perfectly with the purchased tier.

New users must sign up for a Flatlogic account, if they don’t already have one, to manage their apps and subscriptions. Existing users can simply log in.

Detailed guidance on utilizing the newly created apps can be accessed through the ‘Documentation’ section on the Flatlogic website or via a direct link in the activation confirmation email.

For more information, visit Flatlogic’s documentation page or AppSumo’s Flatlogic page.

Also, we are kindly reminding you about our ongoing anonymousStarting Web App Research 2024! Participate and receive a 70% discount on all Flatlogic products! It only takes 3 minutes! 

Let’s make the web app development process more efficient and innovative. 

Link To The Form:

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