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Introducing IoT Application Powered by Flatlogic AI Generator3 min read

We did it again! We are excited to show you and prove that quality software can be developed quickly!  In just a few days, our team created a sample IoT application based on our Flatlogic AI generator. See Demo.

See Demo

Our new IoT application represents a significant advancement in the IoT space. It provides end-to-end solutions for managing and integrating IoT devices and systems across industries. The application features an easy-to-use design, reliable performance, and scalability to meet the diverse needs of small and large enterprises. And according to the latest trends, we made it in a new dark theme.

The development approach makes this application unique. Developed using Flatlogic’s AI Generator, it uses a complex AI-based process that processes natural language and user interface input. This method not only accelerates the development timeline but also allows for greater customization and flexibility to meet specific business needs.

About the Process

The process was very simple:

Using our AI-based Flatlogic Generator, we generated applications by text request: Generate an enhanced IoT management dashboard that provides a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring IoT devices. It provides real-time device status and enables remote management and configuration. The dashboard includes advanced data analytics for detailed reports on device performance and usage, with alerts for rapid problem resolution. The platform ensures security with user authentication and role-based access and is compatible with multiple IoT devices and protocols. It also provides inventory management to track device lifecycles and automate reordering. Energy consumption is a primary focus, with monitoring, high consumption identification, optimal scheduling, cost calculation, and goal tracking. Users can customize their dashboard view and rely on an audit log to track all actions, contributing to a highly efficient and insightful IoT device management experience.Customize the dark mode visual style by adding new color variables from the Figma designs to the Tailwind CSS configuration.Updated the styling of the sidebar and navbar to match the new dark mode theme, applying updated colors and layouts.Developed a custom dashboard page that organizes IoT devices by location to streamline device management.Implemented a line chart to visualize the past week’s energy usage data for IoT devices, providing insight into usage trends.Redesigned the IoT device table by introducing a device card layout that improves information accessibility and user interaction.Updated the design of data grids on various pages to present a modernized look while maintaining data clarity.

We are happy to apply the same process to your CRM or any other business application so feel free to reach out. 

About Flatlogic

Flatlogic specializes in web development and offers software development services as well as web and mobile application templates. Flatlogic Generator – is an AI-powered tool that creates web applications from descriptions in English or via a user interface. This tool differs from low-code/no-code solutions by offering full code ownership, extensive customization, scalable solutions, and broad deployability. It’s widely used by companies to develop ERP, CRM, CMS, admin panels, and various data systems. Besides the generator, Flatlogic also provides services for customization and integration of these solutions, making it a go-to for enterprise-level business applications and data management systems.

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