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Hands on with Node’s new built-in test runner4 min read

#​489 — June 6, 2023

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qnm: A CLI Tool to Look Into node_modules — If you’ve been into a node_modules folder and been overwhelmed, this tool (supporting both npm and Yarn) lets you dig around with extra guidance as to what is what. You can use fuzzy search to find specific things, and also see which modules are using the most space (you could try that right now with npx qnm doctor).

Ran Yitzhaki

💡 Don’t forget about the always handy NPKILL for if you actually want to clear away those node_modules nightmares.. 😁

Full Stack for Front-End Engineers with Jem Young (Netflix) — Learn what it means to become a well-rounded full-stack engineer with this hands-on video course. You’ll dive into servers, work with the command line, understand networking and security, set up continuous integration and deployment, manage databases, build containers, and more.

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Hands On with Node’s Built-In Test Runner — The built-in test runner became stable with the release of Node 20 and a lot of folks are now figuring out how to use it in their workflows. Phil walks through it with an easily understood and complete example here.

Phil Nash

🛠 It must be the week for testing, as endpts has shared a thorough built-in test runner primer too, and NearForm’s Rômulo Vitoi takes it a step further by showing us how to build a custom test reporter.


Somehow we missed it, but Node.js recently turned 14 years old with the initial release being on May 27, 2009.

As of June 1, Node.js 19 is now ‘end of life’ and will not receive further updates.

📄 Ohm, Pohl and Boes published an academic paper titled You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: Runtime Protection Against Malicious Package Updates for Node.js. They approached the long-standing issue around supply chain security with a technique to automatically limit the capability of packages at runtime with 90% success and little overhead.

Alternative server-side JavaScript runtime Bun has added an interesting ‘macro’ feature to its new bundler. This might catch on.

MDN’s reference pages on regular expressions in JavaScript have been substantially improved.

📅  Ethical Hacking 101 Workshop Hosted by Snyk | June 21 | 11am EDT — Join Snyk to exploit vulnerabilities and learn how to proactively identify and fix security weaknesses. Register now.

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▶  How to Deploy a Node App on to AWS Elastic Beanstalk — Elastic Beanstalk is an AWS-only orchestration service for deploying apps on to services like EC2 and S3. It’s 12 years old now and predates Docker, Kubernetes, etc. but is still actively maintained and provides an experience many folks prefer to heavier alternatives.

Digital Cloud

How to Set Up OpenTelemetry for Full-Stack JS Dev — Quite specifically, in this case, to then export the collected telemetry data to New Relic.

Zameer Fouzan

🛠 Code & Tools

bundlejs: npm Package Bundle Size Checker — A browser-based tool that can treeshake, bundle, minify, and compress (gzip and brotli) packages to show you what their weight impact is. It runs entirely in the browser, too, using the WebAssembly build of esbuild.

Okiki Ojo

Prisma-Lint: A Linter for Prisma Schema Files — The team behind this tool has dozens of schema files to stay on top of, so they built this to maintain a consistent style and ensure they have the proper indices in place.

Loop Payments

copy-paste: Cross-Platform Clipboard Copy/Paste — Wraps around different utilities for each operating system (macOS, Linux, BSD, and Windows).


Actio: A Framework for Backend Apps — A framework that ‘blurs the line’ between microservices and monoliths giving the flexilibity to experiment with your approach. Comes with a few ‘batteries included’ services for areas like auth, file upload support, configuration, and payments. (Examples.)


DOT Classes: TypeScript Library to Model Data Transfer Objects — Designed to model data transfer objects in HTTP JSON APIs using class-based schemas that serialize/deserialize, static types by default, custom validation support, and an API that may feel familiar if you use OpenAPI and JSON Schema.

Robert Singer

Node MongoDB Native Driver 5.6
↳ Adds Node 20.x support.

Meilisearch JavaScript 0.33
↳ Adds support for the new Meilisearch 1.2.

Middy 4.5
↳ Node middleware engine for AWS Lambda.

npm-publish 2.2
↳ GitHub Action to publish to npm.

dnt (Deno to Node Transform) 0.37
↳ Deno to npm package build tool.

TestCafe 2.6.2
↳ Automate end-to-end web testing with Node.

Prisma 4.15

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