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A minimalist starting point for your next Vue composable1 min read


A minimalist starting point for your next Vue composable.

🧩 TypeScript by default
🏋️‍♀️ Vue as peer dependency (minimal bundle size)
🤟 Vue 2 & 3 support using vue-demi
🤹 Testing using Jest
🚚 Exports cjs, esm and global bundles
📸 Demo ready to be written and bundled using Vite
🏎 Edit variables, implement, test, publish


Build the package:

yarn build

Build with watcher:

yarn dev

Run the demo:

yarn dev:demo

Build the demo:

yarn build:demo

Lint the package:

yarn link

Run test suite:

yarn test

Test typings:

yarn test:types


[ ] Edit package.json name, description, repository and author keys.
[ ] Remove .vscode folder (containing recommended extensions)
[ ] Edit
[ ] Implement my composable.
[ ] Test my composable.
[ ] Make a demo of my composable in the demo folder.
[ ] Document my composable.
[ ] Publish on NPM, awesome-vue, vue-forum, Vue Discord.


You are more than welcome to improve this starter template.

Just submit your changes via pull request and I will review them before merging.

If you are making a fix on the template, you can use the main branch and send a pull request.

If you are adding a new features, please create a new branch with a name describing your feature (my-new-feature), push to your branch and then submit a pull request.


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