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Static Generated Progressive food delivery web app using NuxtJS and Firebase1 min read

FoodFire – Nuxt2.x + Fireabase + Vue2.x

Static Generated Progressive food delivery web app using NuxtJS + Firebase

Quick start

Make sure you have Node version >= 10.x, NPM >= 6.x
Yarn version >= 1.x
Clone the repo
git clone

navigate inside the directory

cd foodfire

install the dependencies with npm


serve with hot reload at localhost:3000

yarn dev

How to create a pull request

Fork the repo
Do modifications locally
Create a pull request
Merge into foodfire

Deploy to Netlify

Getting Started

Press the “New site from Git” button on the Netlify dashboard. Authenticate with your repository host, select a repository to deploy, and continue. You should land on step 3: “Build options, and deploy!”


Branch to deploy: master, or which-ever branch you prefer

Build command: npm run generate

Publish directory: dist

Add additional ENV variables via the “Advanced” button


Coding & Deployment

Using firebase firestore database with realtime update
Single page progressive ecommerce app using VueJs
Offline enabled
Progressive images with lazy loading
All assets(js,css,images) are precached for a faster user experience
Modular coding structure
Auto deploy to Netlify production server
Better and cleaner JavaScript code
Simplified installation and configuration
Reliable: Load fast and provide offline experience
Fast: Respond quickly to user actions
Engaging: Feel like a native app on mobile devices
Integrated google analytics

Store Front

Checkout using COD
Customer Address
Responsive store front
Dynamic Page Titles
Firebase authentication system (Login with google)


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