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React Native v0.66.x released6 min read

React Native v0.66.x released

v0.66.x on GitHub (npm)

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For Android, general fixes to Appearance API and also fixes AppCompatDelegate.setDefaultNightMode(). For iOS, now works correctly when setting window.overrideUserInterfaceStyle (25a2c608f7 by @mrbrentkelly)

Android specific

Fix Android border positioning regression (d1a33cd139 by @oblador)

iOS specific

Fix for unable to find in script (cc59a7cbde by @garethknowles)



Hermes 0.9.0
This Hermes release is primarily about closing gap between Hermes cut and this React Native release. Among ~400 commits, contains memory and size wins, bugfixes and other progress behind the scenes. See issue for more details.
Allow taps on views outside the bounds of a parent with overflow: visible (e35a963bfb by @hsource)
Fixes for building on Apple Silicon and Xcode 13 (ac4ddec542 thanks to @mikehardy)
New bluetooth permissions for Android (2bcc6fac38, eeb8e58 by @iBotPeaches)


Remove Picker and PickerIOS components
cddb97ad18, 77366cd869, ad0ccac0d6
Remove StatusBarIOS component (7ce0f40f5c by @ecreeth)

Android specific

Updated autoCompleteType prop of TextInput to autoComplete (27fec9569e by @jeswinsimon)


Add global.queueMicrotask (be189cd819 by @Huxpro)
Added data field to markerPoint to allow callers to add additional arbitrary string data to logged points (aa98978302)
Adds accessibility actions to Button (44717152ca by @dennisurtubia)
Add accessibilityState prop to Slider component (35dd86180b by @sladyn98)
Add support for “togglebutton” accessibilityRole (da899c0cc4 by @kacieb)

Android specific

Add INFO, and MENU key event support (bb33c1050b by @havlasme)
Added all autofill types to TextEdit (d9e0ea77f0 by @safaiyeh)
Add support to URI keyboard type in Android (1465c8f387)
Add MEDIA_STOP, MEDIA_NEXT, and MEDIA_PREVIOUS event support to Android TV (3e2bb331fc by @havlasme)
Allow configuring ndk build architectures (d6ed1ff58b by @janicduplessis)
Added support for accessibility role of “list” for flatlist and sectioned list (25a16123a6 by @anaskhraza)
Support for foreground ripple in Pressable (0823f299e5 by @intergalacticspacehighway)
Support for ScrollAway native nav bars added to ReactScrollView (0ef5beee85 by @JoshuaGross)

iOS specific

Added new prop “selection” to TextInputProps (8434177722)
Support for onRequestClose for iOS Modal component. (c29ec46b0e by @intergalacticspacehighway)
Allow PlatformColor to return user-defined named asset color (36c0a7dec1 by @oblador)
Add support for the UIAccessibilityTraitsTabBar (11f8d9c7cd by @jimmy623)
Added “altitudeAngle” property to touch events from Apple Pencil/Stylus devices. (f1b1ba8963 by @swittk)
Introduce RCTInitializing to allow NativeModules to initialize themselves (9b45df1fce by @RSNara)
Introduce RCTCallableJSModules API for NativeModules (ece373d244 by @RSNara)
Attach RCTBundleManager to NativeModules (329f58ee46 by @RSNara)
Introduce RCTBundleManager for bundleURL access (4a1bafe591 by @RSNara)


Initialized LogBox earlier and centralized access in LogBox module (8abe737068 by @rubennorte)
ExceptionsManager will no longer report exceptions with type === ‘warn’. (883e0d5752 by @yungsters)
Disable TouchableOpacity when accessibilityState.disabled is set (ea609defe8 by @chakrihacker)
Upgrade Babel from 7.12.3 to 7.14.1 (58a0f9b4e2 by @MichaReiser)
Upgrade react-devtools-core from ~4.6.0 to ^4.13.0 (9e020ef476 by @bvaughn)
Update Flipper to 0.99.0 (41f45a77ad by @swrobel)
Bump CLI to ^6.0.0 (c677e196a9 by @thymikee)
Upgrade ESLint TS parser and plugin (3b751d396b by @wcandillon)
Upgrade folly to 2021.06.28.00 and boost to 1.76.0 (b77948e33b by @Kudo)

Android specific

Add BLUETOOTH_ADVERTISE to PermissionsAndroid (2bcc6fac38 by @iBotPeaches)
Native ScrollView listeners list maintains weak references to listeners to avoid memory leaks (b673e352fb by @dalves)
Rename the “Toggle Inspector” DevMenu item to “Hide/Show Element Inspector” (e91fb05db7 by @RSNara)
Localize “search”, “button”, and “togglebutton” accessibility roles by using the platform roles (399285f91c by @kacieb)
Refactor AndroidTextInput.AndroidTextInput.color prop to use SharedColor instead of int (bc57056cc3 by @mdvacca)
Upgraded infer-annotation to 0.18.0. (b5c94e316c by @yungsters)
Bumped AGP to 4.2.2 (ae494e7ce1 by @cortinico)
Upgrade folly to 2021.06.28.00 (ebe939b18a by @Kudo)
Bump NDK to 21.4.7075529 (aa43aab77c by @dulmandakh)

iOS specific

ScrollView scrollIndicatorInsets to not automatically add safe area on iOS13+ (bc1e602e0c by @justinwh)


StyleSheet.create will no longer do DEV-time validation. (2e8c0bd7ea by @yungsters)


Fix window not existing in jest setup (bc1c533833 by @timomeh)
Clamp negative values for numberOfLines in component (3bc883c6c6 by @ShikaSD)
Add missing jest/create-cache-key-function dep root package.json (9a43eac7a3 by @janicduplessis)
Fix Switch ref forwarding (1538fa4455 by @janicduplessis)
Report fatal errors even if its type is “warn”. (e4a4c4d6d7 by @yungsters)
Parse accessibilityAction props into object instead of string (faaeb778df by @ShikaSD)
Avoid downgrading console.error when passed warning-like objects. (0dba0aff18 by @yungsters)
Fix natively driven animations not getting reset properly (129180c77b by @tienphaw)
Fix compilation errors on Windows. (6d04a46f74)
Fixed bug parsing hermes call stacks when the file name is empty (e539e7d0be by @MartinSherburn)
Upgrade dependencies / version of eslint package (463ec22bb9 by @mikehardy)

Android specific

Allow taps on views outside the bounds of a parent with overflow: visible (e35a963bfb by @hsource)
Fixed to use correct Android theme color for dark theme (b3a715f6ea by @sidverma32)
Fixed dynamic behavior of <Text adjustsFontSizeToFit={true}> on Android (59021521e7)
Fix Dimensions not updating (c18a492858 by @jonnyandrew)
Fix dashed/dotted border-drawing when borderRadius is 0 (3e5998e651 by @IjzerenHein)
Fix selectionColor doesn’t style Android TextInput selection handles (5819538a08 by @fabriziobertoglio1987)
Fix Modal being dismissed incorrectly when pressing escape on a hardware keyboard (f51773ecde by @levibuzolic)
Avoid calling setHint with a null parameter causing cursor to jump to the right (3560753559 by @fabriziobertoglio1987)
Create slider accessibility delegate in createViewInstance (91cac20289 by @janicduplessis)
Quickfix individual border style dotted or dashed rendering as solid (cb0e1d603a by @fabriziobertoglio1987)
Make mHybridData thread safe (7929551623)
Exit early from layout in textview if text layout is null (8dfc3bcda1 by @ShikaSD)
Fix NullPointerException caused by race condition in ReactInstanceManager.getViewManagerNames method (fb386fccdd by @mdvacca)
Pressable ripple subsequent press coordinates. (961b00d8c0 by @intergalacticspacehighway)
TouchableNativeFeedback ripple starts on previous touch location. (d85d72d0d9 by @intergalacticspacehighway)
Fix Crash in ViewProps.isLayoutOnly (e6b9508f12 by @javache)
Fixed a crash when updating snapToOffsets to a null value (ba387b91d3 by @maxoumime)
Adding setAccessible to ReactImageManager to allow screenreader announce Image accessibilityState of “disabled” (333b46c4b0 by @fabriziobertoglio1987)
Fixed Android library builds with react.gradle file (88f0676ae4 by @Legion2)

iOS specific

Fix deadlock on RCTi18nUtil (fcead14b0e by @Saadnajmi)
Avoid re-encoding images when uploading local files (f78526ce3d by @arthuralee)
content is reset when emoji is entered at the max length (f3b8d4976f)
Use actionName in accessibility event callback (fed6ad5bad by @ShikaSD)

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