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Manage your pictures easily for Github1 min read

Because often need to update the README picture, it is necessary to manually type commands to process each time. If the warehouse is very large, it will take some time to pull down, so this project is used to solve this problem.

If you use it reasonably, you can use it as a picture bed or file sharing, not bad!

Share in the spirit of open source, if it helps you, Star will support it!


No need to deploy, start in 2 steps
Ready to use out of the box, leave after use
Support drag and drop, paste upload
Multiple CDN acceleration
Can be used as file sharing
Custom file upload scheme
Support online new text file



Create a New Repository (Or an existing repo)

Built with

Element Plus
Github OAuth2

Set up

# Install dep
$ yarn

# Start localhost:7000
$ yarn start

# Build Production
$ yarn build

If you build it yourself, you may need Github OAuth2

It is not recommended to build by yourself!


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