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Coding Assignment Project for Merkle consuming Hacker News API and displaying stories for the user2 min read

10 Random Stories

Live Demo

10 Random Stories is a web application written in Vue that displays 10 random Hacker News stories selected from the top 500 stories and sorts them by Story Score ascending.



git clone
npm i


Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build

Run your unit tests

npm run test:unit

Questions and answers

How does it select 10 random stories?

The algorythm selecting 10 random stories is using a modern Fisher-Yates implementation since it runs in O(n) where n = desired output count while preventing duplicates.

How is performance handled in relation to API calls?

For the usecase outlined in the requirements, the total API calls to HackerNews API are as follows:

01 Get stories
10 Get story content
10 Get author content
21 Total calls

To ensure performant fetching, the flow is as follows:

Get stories
For all stories in parallel

Get story content
Get author content

Images associated with a story are lazy-loaded after rendering to improve perceived performance.

Development strategy

General development flow

Understanding the requirements specification
Map out most important components to satisfy these requirements
Add TypeScript interfaces for HackerNews Stories and Authors
Add TypeScript interface extending the Stories and Authors to include thumbnail and author in root scope.
Write test cases for random selection, sorting, and API
Develop and continually test until all tests pass
Clean up and optimize
Test Driven Development was omitted for consumers of the tested code as this was deemed overly verbose given time constraints
HTML/VUE development to display values
Several loading stages to ensure good UX
SCSS framework developed to generate utility classes for common styling tasks such as flexbox, margins, etc.
Continual revision and tweaks based on linter and manual testing in browser & mobile (Chrome, Android, iPhone) for polish
Metadata such as manifests, favicon, title, etc. added for overall presentation as well as quick sharing options
README polish
Deployment via GitHub actions and DigitalOcean




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