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A fully functional Point of Sale (POS) & Inventory System made from Laravel and Vue js1 min read

Laravel+Vue Point of Sale(POS) & Inventory System

A fully functional Open-Source Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System made from Laravel8 + Vue2 + AdminLTE 3 based for SPA Application.

Getting Started


git clone
cd open-pos-inventory-laravelvue/
composer install
cp .env.example .env
Update .env and set your database credentials
php artisan key:generate
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed
php artisan passport:install
npm install
npm run dev
php artisan serve

Project Module/Features

Modal based Create + Edit, List with Pagination, Delete with Sweetalert
Login, Register, Forget + Reset Password as default auth
Profile, Update Profile, Change Password, Avatar
Frontend and Backend User ACL with Gate Policy (type: admin/user)
Developer Options for OAuth Clients and Personal Access Token
Build with Docker
Simple Dynamic Dashboard:

Displays widgets of sales report
Stock indicators
Table of sales
Filtering options


Manage Customer Purchase(Serial number base)
Print Invoice

Product Management:

Create, display, edit/update & delete an item

Product’s Serial Number Management:

enter a serial number for every piece of product created

Customer Management:

Create, display, edit/update & delete a customer

Return Products:

Manage every returned products

User Management:

Create, display, edit/update & delete a user

Category Management

Create, display & edit/update a product category

Project Structure


MIT license.

Screen shots (Admin Access)





Serial Numbers




Screen shots (Standard User Access)


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