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A form wizard/stepper component made with Vue1 min read

Form Wizard Vue3

Form Wizard Vue 3 is a simple stepper/wizard component. It can be easily customized, has no dependencies, works in harmony with your components.


Complete documentation and examples will be available soon.

Documentation – coming soon
Live Demo


yarn add form-wizard-vue3

# or use npm

npm install form-wizard-vue3

Then, import component globally:

import Wizard from ‘form-wizard-vue3’

export default {
install(app) {
app.component(‘Wizard’, Wizard)

Or import component directly:

import ‘form-wizard-vue3/dist/form-wizard-vue3.css’
import Wizard from ‘form-wizard-vue3’

The component itself does not include any CSS. You’ll need to include it separately:

import ‘form-wizard-vue3/dist/form-wizard-vue3.css’




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