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10 Free Vue Select Boxes Code Examples1 min read

Vue Select

A Collection of free Vue select box code examples: dropdown select, selectpicker, select option, custom select, form select, etc.

Update of October 2021 collection.

1.Custom Select Component

A styleable, dynamic dropdown componet with Vue.js


2.Vue Select Ex

Author:Miles Manners

3.Vue Select Multistage

Author:Miles Manners

4.Vue-Select – Custom Option Templating


Vue Select – Custom Option Templating

5.Vue – Select to ‘other’ datalist Pattern

Author:James Nowland

6.Vue select


7.Vue select-search component

Use arrow keys (up and down) on the input field to switch between previous and next item

Author:Goran Petričević

8.vue select option


9.Vue Select table


10.Example Vue Select Sides Mirror


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